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lastStand @ coolstandings.com

Update - 11/1/2012

Things are looking good! We're now planning on continuing live playoff probabilities in time for the 2013 MLB season. More details to follow!

Update - 9/30/2012

We have been in discussions with several groups about potentially acquiring coolstandings, so we're hoping that live playoff probabilities can continue after the 2012 baseball season. Stay tuned!

lastStand @ coolstandings.com - 4/5/2012

After the 2012 MLB regular season, coolstandings.com will no longer be updating the site with live playoff probabilities.

It's been a terrific ride, but after simulating close to 15 billion seasons over the past seven years, the servers at coolstandings.com are ready for a breather! Since launching the site back in 2005, we've enjoyed calculating the odds of teams making the playoffs for baseball, football, basketball and hockey. We've gone back and simulated MLB seasons all the way back to 1903 to find the most amazing comebacks and most devastating collapses. Our fantasy seasons allowed visitors to boost their favorite teams to push them into the playoffs. And our projections for the MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL playoffs have been quite accurate, as we've picked the winners in about 67% of the playoff matchups since 2005.

Thank you!

Thanks to all of you who have visited and supported coolstandings.com through the years. We've really enjoyed the feedback from our regular visitors, through our coolforums message board, email, Facebook page and twitter. A special thanks to rhudgins32 and patch11001 - they've contributed to the forums since the first days of the site, and their persistence finally helped bring hockey to coolstandings.

We want to especially thank ESPN.com, Boston.com and Fantasy Sports Ventures (now part of USA Today) for providing opportunities to expand our audience. Thanks to all the sportswriters who have brought positive attention to coolstandings, with insightful analysis from Rob Neyer, Jayson Stark, Carl Bialik, Nate Silver, and many others. We're still waiting for a Bill Simmons mention, though!

And we must also express our gratitude to Bill James, the father of sabermetrics, and Daryl Morey, who extended the James Pythagorean Theorem to sports other than baseball. We've had the pleasure of meeting both at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, better known as Dorkapalooza, a convention that Daryl Morey co-created.

We are tracking the 2012 MLB season, so you can see how the extra wild card spots help your team's playoff chances. ESPN is also publishing our playoff probabilities on their MLB standings page for the 2012 season. Unfortunately we won't be updating playoff chances for this year's NBA and NHL seasons. We still have data up for previous seasons, but apologize that we won't be tracking the stretch run this year.

We'll be keeping the historical data on the site for some time longer, even after our live updates cease this fall. Feel free to contact us by email or through Facebook - as always we appreciate your interest and support!

And if you or someone you know is interested in acquiring a unique sports website, built on a proven analytics model and engaging historical data - we'd love to hear from you too!

Greg Agami and Sean Walsh


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