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coolstandings.com - Know where your team really stands!

Your team gets off to a great start - what are the chances they hold on and win their division? What if there are lots of teams bunched up in the standings, fighting for that last playoff spot? What you'd really like to know is what chance your team has of making the playoffs and where it will be seeded.

coolstandings.com calculates exactly that, for EVERY team, EVERY day. The following "coolstats" are updated daily:

DIV - % chance each team has of winning division
POFF - % chance each team has of making the playoffs
1S - % chance each team has of becoming a #1 seed
2S - % chance each team has of becoming a #2 seed
3S - % chance each team has of becoming a #3 seed

A DIV of 50.0 means your team has a 50% chance of winning the division, while a POFF of 0.0 means "wait till next year!"

How do we calculate these statistics? Basically we simulate the rest of the season millions of times, based on every team's performance to date and its remaining schedule. We then look at how many "seasons" a team won its division or made the playoffs otherwise, and voila - we have our numbers.

The trick, of course, is to determine what chance each team has of beating every other team. Our method is to use simple team statistics (e.g. points for and points against) to predict how each team will fare against all others. For those of you familiar with baseball prediction, we use a variation of the Bill James "Pythagorean Theorem" to predict results. Daryl Morey adapted this theorem to better reflect basketball scores, and we further refine how we use the theorem. Pretty smart, huh? That's why we call this prediction mode "Smart mode".

Another method is to simply assume that any team has a 50-50 shot of beating any other team. You could flip a coin to decide who would win each game. This method isn't too realistic, but it usually gives a particular Chicago team a better shot at the division. For lack of a better term, we call this prediction mode "Dumb mode".

So keep track of your team, and check back with us daily to see how yesterday's scores changed the playoff landscape!

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